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2017 Palmares

The Palmares for 2017 is here.

UPDATED May 27, 2017 - FINAL
Download a printable PDF of the 2017 exhibition entries here. The 2017 prospectus and application are archived here for reference as a PDF.

Court of Honor & Non-competitive Exhibits

located at front of International Ballroom | Seventy Years of the United Nations Headquarters Complex, 1947-2017
Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Certified plate proofs of the 4¢ Dag Hammarskjöld commemorative issued in 1962, the first U.S. stamp to depict the United Nation’s headquarters complex in New York.

152-153 | Vital Role of Waterways in the Carriage of Confederate Mail
Steven M. Roth

Waterways were critical to the carriage of Confederate mail when land-based carriage was cut-off or impractical to use.

212 | Along The Shantung Railway, China: German Postal Administration, 1900-1914
Louis P. Pataki

Development of the German postal system associated with the Shantung Railway.

General and Single Frame Class Open Competition

1-10 | Murder of Lidice
Phil Rhoade

Tells the story of the WWII destruction of the Czech village of Lidice in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi governor of occupied Czechoslovakia.

11-18 | Mail Between the U.S. and Germany
Robert S. Boyd

Mail went under six different agreements. Illustrates problems caused by German script, unexpected shipping changes, and complex rate structure.

19-23  |  Czechoslovakia: 50 Years of Art on Stamps, 1966-2016
Alan Hanzl

24-33 | Postal Rates in the Republic of Turkey, 1920-63
Yavuz Corapcioglu

A presentation of postal rates in the Republic of Turkey from the opening of the Grand National Assembly in Ankara on April 23, 1920 to March 1, 1963.

34-36 | Rally 'Round the Flag
Randolph Smith

Confederate flag covers projected strength and promoted unity throughout the south. Each new star represented the rebellion's spread and rallied southerners to the nation.

37-45 | Era of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type: The French Pacific Colonies
Edward Grabowski

Postal history and usage of the French Colonial Allegorical Group Type from the French Pacific Colonies of New Caledonia & Dependencies and French Oceania.

46 | Unissued and Recalled Stamps of the USSR
Sam Melamed

Study of secretive and politically charged process of postal stamp design rejections and corrections in the USSR fills in blank spots in the history of Soviet philately.

47-54 | Washington and Franklin Coils: Third Bureau Perforated Issues, 1908-1922
Gregory Shoults

Production material and uses to domestic and foreign destinations of the third Bureau perforated government issues coils from 1908-1922.

55-64 | Switzerland Engineering & Landscape Definitive Issue of 1949
Bruce Marsden

Shows the stamps and usages, including unusual rates, services, and destinations.

65-72 | New Jersey Stampless Covers: Handstamp Postal Markings, 1775-1855
Robert G. Rose

Evolution of various types of handstamped postal markings on prestamp and stampless mail from the Revolutionary War until the end of domestic stampless mail in 1855.

73-76 | Lundy Island
Sid Morginstin

Selected commercial mail from origins and to destinations other than the UK.

77 | Era of the French Colonial Group Type: Obock
Edward Grabowski

78-81 | Echoes of a Vanished Country
Gannon Sugimura

Traces transformation of Hawai‘i from a Kingdom to a U.S. Territory, 1893-1900.

82 | Swastika Over Guernsey–Role of the Post Office during “The Model Occupation”
Marvin R. Murray

The multiple postal systems operating in Guernsey during Germany’s World War II “Model” Occupation shown through stamps and covers.

83-84 | Czechoslovak Judaica Issue of 1967
Robert R. Henak

Stamps honoring 1000 years of Jewish culture in the Czech lands, their subject matter, context, FDCs, intended uses, and impact.

85-89 | Tunisian First Issue: Coat of Arms
Norval Rasmussen

Traditional philatelic exhibit showing essays, proofs, stamps and uses, 1888-1908.

90-94 | Medicine Duty Labels
Harris Leonard

Transformation of the Medicine Duty label from hated and counterfeited to loved and defended by the populace it was taxing.

95-102 | Smokey Bear Issue of 1984
Rick Gibson

Popular character Smokey Bear issue of 1984 going from creation to stamp issuance containing artful covers and many commercial uses.

103 | 1940 Bermuda ½d. on 1d. Provisional Overprint and its Postal Uses
John Paré

Anomalies in the overprinting process and uses that pay contemporary postal rates.

104-106 | First Commemorative Issues of Czechoslovakia
Richard G. Palaschak

107-116 | Accountancy Markings Associated with the 1857 Franco-British Postal Convention
Jeffrey Bohn

Examples of the known "GB" and "FR" accountancy markings are shown, along with discussions of the relevant transit markings and postal rate information.

117-124 | Jamestown 1907
Roger Brody

Traditional study of the three-stamp issue celebrating the tercentenary of the 1607 Jamestown Settlement and the 1907 World's Fair and Naval Exposition.

125 | Postal Normalcy During a Period of Political Chaos in the Southern United States
Jerry Wells

The political map of the southern U.S. changed fifteen times in less than six months between December 1860 and May 1861. Common mail from each is illustrated.

126-134 | Indian Post Office during the World War I Era, 1914-1924
Robert Gray

135-144 | Adhesive Stamp Usages on Transatlantic Mail to and from the U.S., 1840-1875
Carol A. Bommarito

Shows the development of adhesive stamp usage as prepaid postage and payment of related fees on transatlantic mail to and from the U.S. 1840-1875.

145-151 | Trials and Tribulations with Czechoslovakia's Hradcany, 1918-1920
Ludvik Z. Svoboda

Five design types in 26 stamps, focusing on the effects of the tribulations of their production by the fledgling stamp industry following WWI.

154-161 | Postal Cards of the Union of South Africa
Edward Bridges

162 | Postal Markings of Alexandria during the District of Columbia Period, 1791-1847
Clifford Alexander

163 | Georgetown, District of Columbia
Clarence A. Stillions

Chronicles the independent postal history of Georgetown, District of Columbia.

164-171 | Newfoundland’s Last Definitives: The Waterlow Printings
Clarence A. Stillions

Newfoundland's very last definitive stamps were printed by Waterlow & Sons as a  consequence of World War II and continued until Newfoundland joined Canada.

172 | Development of Air Mail Service Between Bermuda and the U.S., 1925-1939
John Paré

Documents milestones in the establishment of air service between Bermuda and the U.S. from the first flight of the Los Angeles to routine commercial flights.

173-182 | Uses of the 1¢ Franklin, Series of 1902
K. David Steidley

Domestic and foreign rates, mail classes, transportation methods, problem mail, special services and cancels are illustrated for the period 1903-1909.

183-190 | Postal History of Tahiti Through the First Pictorial Issue
Ralph DeBoard

Traces the philatelic history of the South Pacific islands around Tahiti from the earliest postal artifact through the usage period of the first pictorial issue.

191 | Evolution of the Papal States Postal System from 1789 to 1870
Thomas Pratuch

Papal States covers are used to show the major reforms necessary for a country’s courier system to become one of the earliest effective official posts.

192-193 | Diversity in the Diamond: Stamps Honoring Baseball’s Multicultural Heritage
Joel Cohen

Explores stamps honoring achievements of ethnically and culturally diverse baseball players with parallel achievements in American society.

194-200 | Use of the 1930 and 1931 U.S. Postage Due Issues to 1959
Norman E. Cohen

Illustrates the use of the 1930 and 1931 postage due stamps in the collection of partially and unpaid mail matter and gives explanation of the postage due assessed.

201-208 | Turkey-Ottoman Post in Lebanon, 1841-1918
Robert Stuchell

Illustrates the wide variety of Ottoman postal markings from towns within the present borders of Lebanon.

209 | Bohemia & Moravia: Hidden Patriotic Messages
Phil Rhoade

Hidden patriotic messages were incorporated into the designs and use of several  Bohemia and Moravia stamps.

210-211 | Czechoslovak Revolutionary Issues: Czechosolvakia's First Stamps?
Alan Hanzl

A presentation of Czechoslovak Revolutionary Issues with support for recognizing them as the first issues of the nation's First and Second Republic.

213-218 | Ay-yıldız Star and Crescent: The Stamp Issue of the Forming Years of the Turkish Republic
Otto Graf

Usages on mail and social philately content to mirror the times these stamps were used.

219-223 | Lebanon Town Postmarks of the Early French Mandate
George Brown

Rural cancellations of Lebanon of the 1920s and early 1930s come in many different types, and most saw only short-lived use.

224-228 | Newfoundland's 1897 Royal Family Issue
Richard S. Wilson

A study of the eight postage stamps and their usage issued between 1897 and 1901.

229-233 | Forest Conservation Issue of 1958
Rick Gibson

A comprehensive study of the production and issue of this stamp with highlights of  artistic first day covers. Rare production errors and a variety of postal usages are shown.

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