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The jury for NAPEX 2019 will consist of the following members:

  • Dr. Daniel C. Warren, Virginia, Chief Judge
  • Roland H. Cipolla II, Texas
  • Edwin G. Kroft, Canada
  • Jane M. F. Sodero, Alabama
  • Patricia Stilwell Walker, Florida

General and Single Frame Class Open Competition


Frames 001-004 COURT OF HONOR: The Evolution of Airmail Service Between Bermuda and the United States 1925-1939
John Pare

Exhibit documents airmail carriage from the flights of the zeppelin 'Los Angeles' in 1925 to the loss of the Imperial Airways 'CAVALIER' in 1939.

Frame 005 COURT OF HONOR: The Trucial States Palm Trees and Dhow Series of 1961
Earl Toops

Stamps, cancellations, and covers of the "first" Trucial Staes issue that were the forerunners of the controversial "sand dune" countries.

Frame 006 COURT OF HONOR: New Orleans in the Confederate Mail System
Douglas Weisz

Routes, rates of postage used from June 1, 1861 to Union occupation April 25, 1862.

Frames 007-014: The 1910 Centenary Issue of Colombia
Santigo Cruz

Highly specialized study of the issue from proofs and essays to usages on cover.

Frame 15: The 1940 Bermuda 1/2d on 1d Provisional Overprint and its Postal Uses
John Pare

This exhibit shows several anomalies associated with the overprinting process followed uses of the stamp to pay the various postal rates in Bermuda in 1940 - 1941.

Frames 016-018: Philatelic Portraits of Thomas Jefferson
Gerry Oberst

This exhibit shows U.S. philatelic materials bearing Thomas Jefferson's portrait. It identifies sources of the portraits, from the first 1856 stamp to the present.

Frames 019-023: The New York Postmaster Provisional
Mark Schwartz

A traditional exhibit of the most broadly used of any of the U.S. Postmaster Provisional stamps issued prior to the first federal issues of 1847.

Frame 24: First Class Surface Treaty Rate from U.S. to Great Britain 1908-1931
Wayne Schuetz

This exhibit will show the three main period usages involving many different rates and services of the treaty agreement over the 23 years.

Frames 025-028: Echoes of a Vanished Country
Gannon Sugimura

An examination of the postal history during the transition of Hawai'i from independent kingdom to US territory.

Frame 029: Happy Hour Special / Oysters and Beer
Lawrence Gregg

A whimsical display of illustrated advertising covers for both oysters and beer.

Frames 030-032: Marcophily of Mysore Imperial Post Offices (1837 - 1901)
Akshay Suresh

Specialized study of postmarks, cancellations, and postal markings from Mysore, a princely state in British India covering the Victorian era.

Frame 033: The Amazing Local Posts of Philadelphia 1843 to 1861
Richard Saunders

Comprehensive and extensive review of the local posts of Philadelphia, PA, 1843 to 1861.

Frame 034: R-100 Airship Flight from England to Canada and Return
Ray Simrak

The R-100 Airship August 1930 flight across the Atlantic from England to Canada represented current technology and ability to improve trans-Atlantic communications.

Frame 035: The Postal History of Newbury and Newburyport during 1755-1855
Mark Schwartz

The markings seen from the earliest known until stamps became required in 1856.

Frames 036-043: United States Ten Cent Issue of 1861
Ken Gilbart

Exhibit shows the history and usage of the stamp from 1861 to 1869.

Frame 044: "Attached Rates" of 1830s and 1840s
William Schultz

A one-frame postal history illustrating the unusual and scarce attached rates.

Frames 045-050: Following the Sun: First or Early Issues Depicted on "Stamps-on-Stamps"
Laurence Hausman

Matching "Stamps-on-stamps" from the regions of the Pacific, Asia, and Africa with the original classic stamps they depict.

Frames 051-053: Wake Island Transportation, Airmail, and Patriotism
David Crotty

Wake Island while remote and not an island paradise, has been an important stopping point in the Pacific. It has seen important transportation events and ferocious battles.

Frames 054-060: Wartime Transpacific Airmail 1939-1946
William Fort

Development of transpacific air transport routes that were used to carry mail during World War II.

Frames 061-063: USA 1953 Commodore Perry Issue
Lloyd Hogg

The stamp issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Commodore Perry's negotiation with Japan, which opened the doors to foreign trade after years of isolation.

Frame 064: Wake Island in World War II
Ken Lawrence

Covers tell the story from the arrival of construction crews in 1941 to the Japanese surrender in 1945 and American reclamation.

Frame 065: Along the Shantung Railway, China German Postal Administration, 1900-1914
Louis Pataki

Postal history of the German postal system associated with the Shantung Railway from construction through World War I.

Frame 066: 1st Nonstop Transatlantic Flight from NYC to Lithuania July 15, 1933
Vitaly Geyfman

In addition to being one of the first transatlantic flights to eastern Europe, this flight carried the first official transatlantic airmail consignment in history.

Frame 067: Canada's Embossed Stamps, 1974-1981
C.A. Stillions

Ten stamps used to test if multicolor lithography and precision embossing would produce stamps as secure from counterfeiting as engraved stamps.

Frames 068-071: 1947 Jackie Robinson and Baseball - A Philatelic Celebration
Joel Cohen

This display exhibit shows the impact of Jackie Robinson's life in the context of our national pastime and history.

Frames 072-076: Legends on the Dom Pedro Stamps of Brazil
Richard Greenberg

A specialized study of captured marginal inscriptions on Brazil Empire stamps, including new research on production anomalies and over 100 uncatalogued varieties on and off cover.

Frames: 077-081: Apollo Soyuz Test Project
John Macco

Shows crew selection and training, prelaunch tests, launch, rendezvous and docking, recovery, and the commemoration by many nations of the first ever joint space venture.

Frames 082-085: Bananas
Pete Sarmiento

This exhibit tells the story of the banana origin, how it spread around the world. The banana history through a time line from biblical time to 2008.

Frame 086: Usages of the 10c Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898
Linda Eveleth

Rates and usages of the 10c Trans-Mississippi issue.

Frame 087: Bhavnagar State: Court Fee Stamps, Essays, Proofs and Documentary Usages
Ravi Vora

Bhavnagar, a feudatory state in western India, was the first state to join the Republic of India. Revenue Court Fee stamps are shown with essays, proofs, and usages.

Frames 088-092: Usage of the Tabs of Israel 1948 - 1953 on Covers
David Held

This exhibit looks at the usage of the early tabs of Israel on mailed covers, some errors of perforation, and perforation varieties.

Frames 093-099: JNF Fund Raising Cinderellas
Howard Chapman

Examples of the Essays, Proofs, Color Trials, issued stamps and usages of the stamp issues of the Jewish National Fund.

Frames 100-101: Early History of the German East Asia Cruiser Squadron: 1995-1900
Louis Pataki

Philatelic and deltiologic early history of the squadron.

Frames 102 -109: Taxed Mail of Israel 1948-1959
Howard Rotterdam

A look at the postage due stamp usages during Israel's formative years.

Frame 110: The Bernard Revel Issue of 1968- FDCs
Howard Rotterdam

This exhibit shows various FDC cachets that honor Dr. Bernard Revel, the only rabbi to be specifically honored on a United States stamp.

Frame 111: Prisoner of War Mail - Fort Delaware 1862-1865
Alfred Frohlich

To show the important role played by the mail during the U.S. Civil War.

Frames 112-119: Hussey's Post
Larry Lyons

A presentation of the 22 different stamp designs of Hussey's Post with the period of use of the various adhesives and handstamps.

Frame 120: Domestic Usages of the 1869 1c Franklin Stamp
Milliard Mack

The exhibit presents rates, interesting obliterators, and single, double, and triple uses as well as make-up rates and official mail.

Frame 121: The U.S. Orange Special Delivery Stamp of 1893
Steven Rose

Shows the development and use of the 10c orange Special Delivery stamp of 1893, demonstrating the operation of the early special delivery service.

Frames 122-129: The United States 1869 Issue used in International Mails
Jeffrey Forster

Covers baring the US 1869 issue used in the international mails to other nations originating from the brief time the 1859 issue was current.

Frame 130: The 10c US Envelopes of 1870-1874
Richard Tashenberg

A traditional stamped envelope exhibit.

Frames: 131-138: The Development of the Confederate States Postal Service from Secession to Appomattox
Daniel Knowles

To explain the evolution of the Confederate postal service by illustrating the myriad approaches it employed to transmit mail during the American Civil War.

Frames: 139-148 Pan Am Clippers Conquers the Pacific 1933-1941
Jon Krupnick

The Pan-American Airways trans-Pacific evolution from 1933-1935 survey flights to the termination of commercial operations due to World War II.

Frame 149: The United States 1869 Issue used in British Mails

The 1869 Issue used in the British mail system encompassing mail to and through Great Britain as well as mail connecting with the British mail system.

Frame 150: The United States 1869 Issue used in Domestic Mails

The 1869 Issue used in the domestic mail system including first class mail, third class mail, local mail, and registered mail.

Frames 151-158: The U.S. 10c Postage Stamp of 1869
Michael Laurence

A traditional exhibit of this fascinating stamp.

Frame 159: New Orleans Carriers 1851-1861
Larry Lyons

The New Orleans carrier service 1851-1861 with the handstamps organized by color periods, including special usages.

Frames 160-162: Unofficial Registration of Mail in the United States 1845-1855
James Milgram

Covers and letters showing the markings used on unofficial registration, all types of usages, stampless, and stamped.

Frames 163-168: The 2c Stamp of the United States 1869 Pictorial Issue
Steven Rose

A comprehensive study of the 2c 1869 stamp showing essays, proofs, printing varieties, cancels plus domestic and international use on cover.


Frames 169-175: Rates and Usages U.S. 3-Cent Circular Die Stamped Envelopes 1917-1960
Stephen Suffet

Postal History exhibit showing how the U.S. 3-Cent Circular Die stamped envelopes were used in their day.

Frames 176-179: WW1 to Versailles Peace Treaty Role of Diplomatic & Military Mail
Ravi Vora

The Versailles Peace Treaty was signed on 28 June 1919 which led to the creation of the League of Nations.

Frames 180-182: The Legacy and Impact of Rachel Carson and Bob Hines
Joel Cohen

The collaboration shaped the future long before environmental concerns were codified. The collaboration would place them at the pinnacle of environmental/conservation protection.

Frames 183-190: The Magical World of Harry Potter
Van Siegling

Trudging through the dark and gloomy lands of Mordor - oops! - Wrong fantasy series!

Frames 191-196: Landpost Uber Lehrte
Ken Gilbert

A study of the rural mail system in Germany using Lehrte as a model.

Frame 197: Bundi as Part of Rajasthan

In 1948 the state of Rajasthan incorporated the state of Bundi who stamps were then specially overprinted to show the change in political status.

Frame 198: North Borneo Red Cross Issues 1916 - 1918

North Borneo made three special issues: May 1916, August 1918, and October 1918. They used an overprint in red or black as a distinguishing feature.

Frames 199-208: Zeppelin South America Flights 1932-1937
James Graue

Development and operations of commercial airmail service between Europe and South America by the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg dirigible airships 1932-1937.

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